This is Bella. She is out of our first Yorkie litter.  She has a special place in our hearts.

At 14 weeks she weighed 1 pd 10 ozs.

Gorgeous girl. She graduated from her obedience training and has a awesome mommy.












                                            Pictures of Bella from her Mommy.........Thank you Kathyrn






              She received her Certificate of Achievement for Puppy Education. You rock Bella. :)






                   More Bling for Bella. A girl cannot have to many pearls.



   Bella's New Pearl leash. Kathryn's co workers at work gave Bella. What a nice gift. :)




                                    Bella sleeping at Kathryn's office, Too cute.





          This is Bella's favorite place to sit and watch for her mommy to come home.







Bella's Favorite Statue




Bella goes up to this statue and kisses it , sits in front of it and kisses it again.

She does not understand why it will not play with her. Kathryn says, Sometimes i think it will come alive just to play with her.

Too cute!




              Bella having fun with her friend Kensey





Bella Sle
eping on her blanket knitted especially for her by Mommy's friend.









Bella went out for Cheer leading and she made it ! This is her napping after her Cheer leading the LOLLIPOPS to victory.








                          Look who is going Trick or Treating.











This is the most gorgeous dress i have ever seen for the most gorgeous little girl.  





Bella waking up on her first birthday. Party time tonight.





This is the truest love ever. :)  Her mommy says It does not seem like a year has gone by.


She says......

I bless that day above all others in my life. The day i got Bella.

Thank you for the love of my life.