Hope you enjoy reading some of our very happy testimonials of people who are wanting to share stories of their little companions. 





Hi Virginia ,



It’s been a long time since we’ve been in touch.  We wanted to share some pictures of Alli.  She is just an awesome dog!  She brings constant pleasure to our lives, full of energy at times, but a good little sleeper-in on our lazy days.  She loves playing fetch with her toys, especially the sqeaky ones, and has never had a medical problem. 


She hasn’t totally made the transition from paper-training to outside.  Goes outside if we time it right, but if we’re lazy or its rainy and cold and we don’t take her out, is quite happy to use the paper.  She was spade at the end of 2012, and now attends obedience classes where she is pretty good at “down, stand, wait, heel, and come”, etc., but hasn’t caught on to “stand” yet.  If we can get her better trained, she’d love the agility class. She loves being around other dogs.  Maybe we’ll get her a sister or brother at some time. If you ever would like a testimonial to the quality of your dogs, just let us know.
It was a long trip to West Virginia, twice even, but well worth it.  Hope you’re continuing to have fun with your dogs.


Take care,

Beth and Bill


Just an update, Alli  was in puppy classes taught by the Canine Training Association.  She just graduated, and they had dog judges who scored each dog as they were put thru their paces.  She won 3rd prize for puppy obedience.  We’re so proud of her!  Take care,










Me and Maggie are doing great ! she weighs  3 and a half  pounds. Last time I took her to the vet was awhile back to get her last shots and rabies and heartworm and stuff she was 2.7lbs. But that was awhile back . Here's some more recent pics of her. Maggie really is the best dog! She had her shots yesterday. She was a little sore after but she did fine. She cries when I'm not around and is Soo attached :) I LOVE HER! :) all she wants to do is play ! :)doesn't chew or destroy anything either ! Amazing. Her temperament is great.  She loves to cuddle and licks u to death! Haha. She's trained now and is so sweet to everyone. She's such a lapdog! I love it. Seriously perfect dog for me












Hi Virginia
Pumpkin is here safe and sound. She came right out of her kennel to visit. We are leaving the airport now.(she is so sweet!)


Hi Virginia
Just an update on pumpkin. I had her teeth cleaned and the extra baby tooth removed yesterday, she did great!  She has gained 10 ounces so far!  She loves to play with my other dogs and has become very frisky.  We love her!




 Hi Virginia
This is the latest picture of pumpkin. She is doing great!






 Growing and dare I say spoiled. Cannot tell you how much fun I am having with her. She is such a loving child. She is so smart she has me well trained.

  You cannot know the happiness she has brought into my life.

Bella weighs 3 lbs now and she seems to be very happy. She and my friend Judy's two Yorkie's play together now. I cannot imagine my life without her. Thank you so much.






Little Roscoe, he lives a tough life. We love him he is so sweet.

Of course Reggie is not to far away. They are best friends..






Hi Virginia,
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Dallas is doing great. He is so loving and rambunctious. Yet so calm at moments too.
We love him so much.
Thank you!





 Hello Virginia,

I wanted to write to you to say that when we went on your website almost a year ago and found you and made the call to see if you had any available puppies.I was so excited we had been searching everywhere for someone who had these beautiful Yorkies.We drove for two hours to see those puppies and to have her born on my birthday.Tinker Belle will be turning a year old on August 2nd she has been so much fun to have with us and then we came back and picked up Lucy Lou she will be four months old Aug 5th she has the cuttiest face and deep black eyes shes so much fun to be around her and Tinky play so hard together they wear each other out at night.These precious little bundles have filled our home with so much joy they are so smart and so much fun they keep me busy im never bored with them here there always wanting to love on me I cannot express to you how thankful I am to have found you your an excellent Breeder and such a nice lady who truly love these puppies. I still refer people to you all the time.  When we left that day we felt so good because you talked to us in details about how to care for her and they came home with there own little care package. I feel so comfortable when i give others your information about your puppies. I know first hand what a wonderful caring person you truly are thank you so very much not just for one bundle of love but now for two take care and i will be keeping touch your a very nice lady and its been wonderful.

Regina Kelbaugh Parkersburg,Wva